Meet Kane

We're a company of humble beginnings and big dreams.

Our Story

Back in 1890 – the year Kane was founded – wood screen doors, wood windows and venetian blinds were our primary products. Our architectural offering, though small, was so well known in our city of origin, that the locals dropped our name entirely, affectionately referring to us only as the "slam and bang" company; a nod to the sound Kane's screen doors would make on nearby homes and businesses.

Fast forward to 1959. Two old college friends from St. Louis' Washington University, Richard Singer and Marvin Goldman, join forces to purchase Kane and begin the production of security window screens for psychiatric wards and public housing facilities. Nearly 20 years later, another landmark is reached – this time in the detention industry – when Kane creates an entirely new type of cell front for Leavenworth Penitentiary in 1978. Kane's patented Vantage Wall Barrier transforms the criminal justice sector forever, thereby eliminating the traditional "jail bar" cell fronts – and the Kane Detention brand was born.

In 1988, Kane Holding Company, our current ownership group, purchased the corporation from Singer and Goldman. Three more acquisitions followed between 1992 and 2002; two screens companies and a well-known railing manufacturer – Sterling Dula, founded in 1911.

Over the years, we've strived to carry on the tradition of well-made products that keep people safe. We call ourselves the "guardians of safe environments" because that's who we are. We – and our products – are the protectors of people. We're the innovators and creators of architectural products that support and assist the human race within all types of environments.

Although we are far from the 19th century in terms of technology and methodology, we're proud of our roots.

Our hope is to continue this legacy, one fabricated system at a time.